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Anastasia made her dream come true, when she opened a small Restaurant & Beergarden in September 2010. Beyond beeing the owner, she is also “Chef de cuisine” of the FARMhouse.

Already as a child, Ansta, as she is often shortly named, was keen on learning the high Art of cooking. She began her Education on a great Lodge in South Africa , preparing the vegetables. But she learned fast... On a journey to South Africa she fell in love with her husband Urs from Switzerland . Through her mother in law she came in contact with the swiss cooking and worked in a swiss hotel kitchen to raise her knowledge.

In the FARMhouse African and Swiss influences melt together to highlights: The menue card, a daily special and the wide range of assorted cakes leave no wish unsolved! Ansta dances through her FARMhouse with a shimmer on her face, talking to her guests in several languages, mixed with a sound of “Switzer-deutsch”:



the FARMhouse
Outjo / Namibia
Ecke Hage Geingob Avenue / Tuin Street / Kronkel Road

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